Dry ice blasting unit

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Since 2011 dry ice blasting systems are our competence.
“Quality at a reasonable price”

ecoJET - buy

The right machine for workshops, craftsmen and industry at unrivalled conditions. ecoJET pro for all requirements.

ecoJET pro is compact, robust and easy to operate.

Manufactured in Germany. Development & production according to European standard.

ecoJET - rent

Simply dry ice blasting at a reasonable price.

Rent – the quick solution for all those who want to clean in an environmentally friendly way with dry ice.

Rent a dry ice blasting machine: fast – simple – inexpensive.

Delivery and collection service for rental equipment.

mobile - cleaning

Our mobile service comes to you and cleans thoroughly and quickly with dry ice.

Our dry ice blasting machines remove adhesives, grease, incrustations, oil, graffiti, paint, ink, resin, soot, chewing gum, dirt, tar, wax, binding agents, bitumen, silicone, rubber, etc.

✔ without chemicals ✔ohne water

Advantages at a glance

Our dry ice blasting machines are developed and manufactured based on many years of practical experience.

Unrivalled favourable

Buy or rent dry ice blasting unit directly from the manufacturer at an unbeatable price.

Made in Germany

Development & production according to EC guidelines and European standard in Germany.

Low Compressor air

Optimum cleaning power with low air volume from 200 litres. Use of workshop compressor possible.

No freezing

Precise technology prevents “freezing/blocking” of the machine after work breaks.

Dry Ice Efficiency

Optimised mixing unit of dry ice and air pressure reduces dry ice consumption


Best product technology. High manufacturing standard. Tested user-friendliness.

ecoTES Added value


Guarantee of satisfaction

For a successful business relationship, customer satisfaction is our drive. You receive a 2-year warranty on our ecoJET pro products, as well as an additional 10-year spare parts supply guarantee. Hundreds of successful projects – our customers trust us! 

Free advice

We provide you with professional and individual advice according to your requirements. We will be happy to provide you with advice and support to help you make the right decision.


Environmentally friendly cleaning with dry ice


Dry ice blasting machine from the manufacturer

You buy, rent or lease directly from the manufacturer at favourable conditions. Low costs speak for the decision. No high investments with best quality “Made in Germany” including satisfaction guarantee you will only get with ecoTES. ecoTES is unrivalled favourable.

Dry ice cleaning is environmentally friendly

Our mobile dry ice cleaning comes to you, cleans thoroughly and quickly with dry ice. Our dry ice blasting service removes various types of soiling thoroughly, quickly and gently, completely without chemicals or water. We remove adhesives, grease, incrustations, oil, graffiti, paint, varnish, ink, paper residues, resin, soot, chewing gum, dirt, tar, wax, binding agents, bitumen, silicone, release agents, rubber, burns and much more.  Mobile dry ice cleaning by a professional.


ecoTES Trockeneisstrahlen

ecoTES is a company based in southern Germany. We develop and manufacture high-quality dry ice blasting machines “Made in Germany”. Our dry ice blasting machines are used in workshops, industry and trade. ecoTES guarantees high quality throughout the entire production process up to delivery and also for the time after. Our comprehensive consultation fulfils the optimal conditions for an objective decision in advance. A high level of customer satisfaction reflects our success. Test us, we look forward to your call. Dry ice cleaning is our competence.
We would be happy to support you in all questions about dry ice cleaning.

Your ecoTES team

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