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Dry ice cleaning

Dry ice cleaning – We make it ice cold!

Dry ice blasting machines from ecoTES do completely without chemical cleaning agents. Dry ice blasting is a clean cleaning method – without chemicals – without water. Dry ice pellets dissolve without residue, so there is no waste water. Dry ice blasting is economical and innovative. You have special questions – we have the right answer!

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Advantages at a glance of dry ice cleaning

Cautious cleaning method with significantly reduced costs compared to traditional cleaning methods. No disposal costs, because no blasting agent residues occur. No environmental pollution, because no health-endangering chemicals or abrasives are used.

No water, no waste water, no corrosion. Dry ice cleaning can be used in electrical installations. Gentle and careful cleaning without damaging surfaces and materials. Hardly any loss of production and downtimes, disassembly and assembly are not necessary Dry ice blasting is an environmentally friendly, safe and economical method.

We come to you and clean thoroughly and quickly with dry ice.

We inform you about the advantages of dry ice blasting compared to conventional glass bead, sand, soda, or steam jet cleaning methods. ecoTES cleans individually according to your requirements with highest quality. We would be pleased to convince you of the advantages of dry ice blasting at your site, of course without obligation. ecoTES is your reliable partner for innovative and cost-effective cleaning with dry ice blasting. Make an appointment for a test blasting. We only clean with high-quality dry ice blasting machines.

Application area dry ice blasting

Dry ice blasting machines from ecoTES are successfully used in all areas and industries. Our dry ice blasting machines remove efficiently and environmentally friendly stains, such as adhesives, grease, incrustations, oil, graffiti, paint, varnish + rust caused, ink, paper residues, resin, soot, chewing gum, dirt, tar, wax, binder, bitumen, silicone, release agent, rubber, burns and much more.

Dry ice blasting is a compressed air blasting process.

Dry ice blasting units from ecoTES remove dirt with the help of dry ice pellets and compressed air.

The combination of ice-cold pellets and highly accelerated pellets ensure that surfaces are comprehensively cleaned of dirt particles.

When it hits the surface, dry ice sublimates completely into CO2 gas and dissolves in the room without leaving any residue.

Dry ice cleaning is a gentle cleaning method without the use of water or chemicals.

Dry ice pellets up to 3 mm in size with a temperature of -79°C are used as blasting media.

Dry ice pellets are non-toxic, non-flammable, chemically inert, electrically non-conductive and do not leave any moisture behind.

Dry ice cleaning function

Subsequent pellets penetrate the brittle cracks and sublimate abruptly on impact. During sublimation, a strong increase in volume takes place.

As a result, the layer to be removed is completely separated from the substrate.

The advantages of this hardly abrasive blasting process are that no abrasive remains and only the loosened dirt has to be disposed of.

Due to the possibility of cleaning the smallest geometries and different materials without dismantling, dry ice blasting is used in many areas of industry, in car refurbishment, in facade renovation, in the building trade, in the catering industry and many others for cleaning moulds, engines, assemblies and even complete machines.

Dry ice cleaning removes tar, oil, rubber, silicone, soot, adhesives, food residues and much more.

Dry ice blasting machines from ecoTES

  • Low operating noise during dry ice cleaning.
  • Precise technology prevents “freezing / clogging” of the machine after work breaks.
  • Reliable technology.
  • Proven user-friendliness.
  • Dry ice efficiency due to optimised mixing unit, thus low dry ice requirement.
  • With innovative system control and ergonomic blasting gun, you work without fatigue and achieve the best cleaning results.
  • ecoJET-pro series in use from gentle cleaning to maximum cleaning power for particularly stubborn dirt.
  • Multiple compressed air connection technology and compact design guarantee flexible and mobile working.
  • Unwanted work interruptions due to lumpy dry ice are a thing of the past, thanks to the innovative design.
  • With ecoJET-pro, you acquire dry ice blasting machines that meet the highest quality standards at the best price-performance ratio.

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