# Dry ice blaster machine
# Manufacturer since 2011
# Direct sales / Partner

# Dry ice blasters from ecoTES clean perfectly clean with innovative technology.

# Reduce cleaning times and labor costs – dry ice blasting during operation

# Climate neutral cleaning – no disposal costs of chemicals and waste water

# Dry ice blaster machine
# Manufacturer since 2011
# Direct sales / Partner
# 100% Innovative

Added value


Customer satisfaction

For a successful business relationship, customer satisfaction is our drive.
# 2-year warranty on ecoJET-pro
# 10 years spare parts delivery guarantee
# Our customers trust us!

Competent advice

We advise you competently and individually according to your requirements. We are happy to provide you with advice and support so that you make a “clean” decision.

Direct purchase/Partner

You buy, rent, or lease directly from ecoTES or through partners at best conditions. Low investment with high quality “Made in Germany” only at ecoTES.

Advantages at a glance

Dry ice blasting unit ecoJET-pro developed and manufactured on the basis of many years of practical experience in dry ice blasting.


Dry ice blasting equipment directly from the manufacturer at the best price.

Perfect cleaning

Innovative technology and manufacturing. User-friendly and perfect cleaning.

Made in Germany

Development & manufacturing according to EC directives and European standard in Germany.

Reliable technology

Precise technology prevents “freezing / clogging” of the machine after work breaks.

Dry ice efficiency

Optimal mix of dry ice and air pressure reduces dry ice consumption.

from 200l min compressed air

High cleaning power with low air volume with standard compressor.

Climate neutral cleaning

Without toxic substances

Dry ice blasting does not use harmful or toxic chemicals. Employees are not exposed to hazards from the use of hazardous and harmful substances.

Without water, without waste water

Dry ice blasting cleans without the use of water, so there is no wastewater pollution, or corrosion. Dry ice is non-flammable and non-electrically conductive.

No additional waste

Blasting methods such as sand, soda, glass beads or water pressure blasting produce additional waste that has to be disposed of in a complex, environmentally friendly and cost-intensive manner. These problems are eliminated with dry ice blasting because no abrasive is left behind. Only the resulting dirt has to be disposed of.

Dry ice production

CO2 accumulates from processing operations in industry. From gaseous CO2, solid dry pellets are produced with hydraulic dry ice pelletizers. Often CO2 is not produced separately but by recovery plants. CO2 extraction by burning fossil fuels has completely disappeared.

ecoJET-pro cleans everything


Vehicle preparation, classic car restoration

Interior, fabric seats, floor mats, engine cleaning, engine and chassis restoration, underbody protection (bitumen, wax) removal


Building area

Joint cleaning, mold removal, fire restoration, graffiti removal, wood cleaning, ivy removal, natural stone cleaning, wood facade cleaning, truss cleaning, vault cellar cleaning, paint residue removal, plaster residue removal,


Industrial area

Cleaning electric control cabinets, cleaning electric tools, cleaning lift trucks, cleaning injection molds cleaning machine tools, cleaning production machines, removing floor markings, cleaning production facilities – and equipment,


ecoTES dry ice blasting is a company based in southern Germany. We develop and manufacture high quality dry ice blasting equipment “Made in Germany” since 2011. Our dry ice blasting equipment is used in workshops, industry and trade. ecoTES dry ice blasting guarantees high quality in the entire manufacturing process until delivery and also for the time afterwards. Our comprehensive consultation fulfills in the apron the optimal condition for an objective decision. High customer satisfaction reflects our success. Test us, we are looking forward to your call. Dry ice blasting is our competence.
We are happy to support you in all questions concerning dry ice blasting.

Your ecoTES Team

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